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Welcome to the Sweet Reason™ website advice and resources for humanists and their families and friends.

Written by Molleen Matsumura -- a humanist, activist, writer and mother living in Berkeley, California Sweet Reason offers practical, empathetic, dogma-free advice for dealing with problems in the everyday lives of America's fastest growing "belief" group -- nonreligious people. Published weekly by Humanist Network News, Sweet Reason uses compassion and common sense to help readers from around the world find their own answers to questions like, "How do I break the news of my  'non-belief' to my family?" "What should I do about the co-worker who is trying to convert me to their faith?" "How do I get my in-laws to stop taking my kids to their church?" also tackles questions about other life issues − whatever you might write to your newspaper's advice columnist, but always from a humanist viewpoint.

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